Welsh Street Dance Championships 2013: What to Expect

This is quite literally the biggest street dance competition that Wales has EVER seen.

Guest judges and BGT finalists 'Flawless'

Guest judges and BGT finalists ‘Flawless’

Over 2,500 dancers are competing in the Welsh Street Dance Championships in Newport at the end of the month (in front of a crowd of around 1,600 people). And the stakes are high with many hoping to qualify for the 2014 World and European champs in Glasgow and Germany respectively. Win the Worlds and you win an £8,000 prize fund!

I caught up with Kate Lewis, project manager at UDO (United Dance Organisation), the company who coordinates not only the Welsh Champs but also 12 other regional qualifiers across the UK. They are a global company running street dance competitions worldwide across America to Spain and even countries in Africa.

So who are UDO?

And if you needed any more convincing of just how BIG this event is going to be, the judges for the competition will be the members of Flawless from the 2009 Britain’s Got Talent Finals along with some other famous names…

So watch this space for videos, interviews and more straight from the Welsh Street Dance Championships on Sunday 24th November at Newport Leisure Centre.

In the meantime, take a look at previous competitors in UDO’s 2012 European Championships X-Flave. Watch more videos at UDO’s youtube page.


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