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The Greatest Dance Moments of 2013

2013 was a hugely significant year in the world of dance. So many different dancing styles were showcased and broadcast on our TV screens over the last year and to massive success. We witnessed everything from Abbey Clancy storming to victory on Strictly Come Dancing to Beyonce’s commercial masterclass at the Super Bowl Half Time Show. Dance is now more prevalent in the media and our everyday culture than ever before. So as we move into 2014, let’s take a look back the defining dance moments of the last year.

Attraction win Britain’s Got Talent and perform at the Royal Variety Performance 2013. 

Just when you thought you’d seen it all in terms of dance on BGT, Attraction came onto our screens. The group from Hungary wowed the entire nation with their innovative shadow act that incorporated stunning dance sequences into their unbelievable and acrobatic shadow manipulation. There is no question that these guys are talented dancers but they have used their technical dance ability to create a spectacle that many of us just couldn’t believe we were seeing. Their semi-final performance is the one that really sticks in my mind. They acted out the poignant story envisaging the death of the group leader’s mother and ending with the birth of his child leaving lots of people reaching for the Kleenex (including Simon Cowell). Here’s a reminder.

Beyonce’s half time show at the 2013 Superbowl 

Beyonce has constantly reinvented herself over the years and this was an eclectic performance

Beyonce at the 2013 Super Bowl

Beyonce at the 2013 Super Bowl

that set the world alight. The choreography did an incredible job of incorporating all her iconic songs and dance routines from Crazy In Love to Single Ladies. The fact that she managed to maintain such energy throughout a performance lasting more than thirteen minutes whilst giving a world class vocal performance is just astounding. She is the unequivocal queen of pop but has also cemented herself in history as a top class dance act that people attempt to replicate all over the world.

Lukas McFarlane wins Sky One’s Got To Dance 

Ok, so the reason I’ve picked this as a defining dance moment is because over the last few years, our television screens have been dominated by hip hop and street styles. Don’t get me wrong, I love these styles and the majority of today’s viewers prefer them to the more classical styles- probably because of the up to the minute song choices and “cool” reputation. So all the more praise to Lukas McFarlane for winning Got To Dance and winning over a legion of fans with a style that people are less familiar with. Famous for wearing one sock, Lukas took contemporary dancing to a whole other level. For those that think contemporary is boring and just not for you, I promise this will change your mind. His acrobatic flips and body popping combined with perfect technique throughout in more classical moves is truly mind blowing. How he manages to maintain such emotive intensity as well is just beyond me. Watch his final performance to Alex Clare’s Too Close and you’ll see what I mean.

Strictly Come Dancing is won by Abbey Clancy and the show becomes the BBC’s most successful ever export

Strictly Come Dancing 2013 Winner, Abbey Clancy

Strictly Come Dancing 2013 Winner, Abbey Clancy

In my opinion, we saw the best ever series of Strictly this year with the standard of dance at the highest it’s ever been. I think any one of the final four could have been winners on another series. But it was Abbey Clancy who eventually came out on top. There’s no denying her elegance and poise especially when in hold and at times she appeared to glide effortlessly across the floor. Personally I preferred Susanna Reid whose progression from week one was remarkable but overall a fantastic year for Strictly Come Dancing that continues to dominate primetime viewing.

 Coronation Street’s Anthony Cotton wins Let’s Dance for Comic Relief

Once again it was just refreshing to see another dance style getting some coverage, this time in the form of tap dance. I think this was absolutely genius. Reminiscent of Fred Astaire, it brought back the old fashioned showbiz that has been missing in recent years but equally made tap dance appealing to a modern audience. Not only is Antony an exceptionally accomplished tap dancer but also a wonderful entertainer and a delight to see dancing on our screens. See for yourself!

And we couldn’t possibly discuss the best dance moments of 2013 without mentioning possibly the worst moment of all time… One word: “twerk