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Pointe Shoes, Pirouettes and Pregnancy

So this week a lady named Mary Helen Bowers made the news by continuing to dance at 39 weeks pregnant! And she says she’ll carry on dancing right up until giving birth! The 34 year old Ballet instructor formerly danced with the New York City Ballet and even trained up Natalie Portman for her role in the Black Swan. Now despite moving on to a new phase in her life, she’s kept up a strenuous dance regime and has even created a pre-natal ballet programme for other women.

Watch her story here:

So what do we think? On the health side of things there are most definitely conflicting arguments. Some say that this level of exericise can help maintain body strength, muscle tone Expecting_motherand even ease some nasty side effects of pregnancy such as back pain.

Others air on the side of caution. As the pregnancy progresses, the body clearly changes shape and the centre of gravity changes. This makes balancing more difficult thus increasing the risk of falling in movements like arabesques for example. So is it dangerous to be dancing at later stages of pregnancy? Some may say it’s an unnecessary risk, while others think it’s fine to continue dancing just be aware of the body’s changing limitations.

So these are the arguments but what do you think? I think I’m somewhere in the middle on this. Exercise on a low level has obvious health benefits but as you get further along perhaps the best thing to do would be to just relax! But only you know what your body can cope with. Comment below and take the poll!