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My Top 5 YouTube Dance Stars

Over the last few years dance videos have literally exploded onto the internet and practically taken over YouTube. Of course, there’s the ones from big shows like Britain’s Got Talent (BGT), So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD), Dancing With The Stars, Strictly Come Dancing, America’s Best Dance Crew, Got To Dance and so many more. But this blog post will showcase the biggest, most breathtaking dance videos that you won’t see on your TV. There’s thousands of them out there but these are the ones that blew my mind. My top five YouTube dance sensations!

NUMBER ONE: Chachi Gonzales. You won’t believe it but this girl is only 17! She’s an American dancer who won America’s Best Dance Crew with I.aM.mE in 2011. She’s now gone solo and has nearly 442,000 subscribers on YouTube. Her choreography is effortlessly cool- think girl next door with an urban edge. It’s hard to pick just one video but I definitely recommend watching her ‘Ciara- Like a Boy’ routine as well as this one which has over 8,000,000 views.

NUMBER TWO: DancingWithYT. This YouTube channel showcases some of the best young dance talent from jazz, lyrical and contemporary to hip hop and street. Many of these young dancers went on to feature in Dance Moms but there is one girl in particular that caught my eye. At only seven years old, her flexibility, strength, expression and musicality exceeds all expectations of a girl her age. Her acrobatics are unbelievable. With over 1,500,000 views, here is Asia Monet Ray.

NUMBER THREE: OfficialHHI. This is the HipHop International YouTube Channel and it posts all the videos from the annual World Hip Hop Dance Championships. There was one crew last year that blew all the competition out of the water; the megacrew ‘Royal Family’ from New Zealand. Choreographing for that amount of people must have been a nightmare but the end product is exceptional. Their timing is so precise for that many dancers on one stage and has a huge impact. The musical arrangement is also genius with tracks from Drake’s Started At The Bottom to Big Bad Wolf by Duck Sauce. And keep an eye on the tall dancer in the middle who is phenomenal.

NUMBER FOUR: WilldaBeast Adams. Another American dancer and choreographer who regularly uploads his latest creations and tutorials to go with them. This arrangement to Beyonce’s Upgrade You has nearly 11,000,000 views.

NUMBER FIVE: Emily Sasson Choreography. Emily’s videos have exploded onto YouTube and get hundred of thousands of views. She’s YouTube dance royalty! Here’s one of her routines to Ester Dean’s Drop it Low featuring Lil Wayne.